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  • A descendant of the self-esteem movement, the last educational fad is social-emotional Learning (SEL). The term sold to public schools is the “whole child,” including character and ethics education, incorporating psychological insights, and group dynamics. 

  • Substantive content of SEL programs and resources intrudes on personal and family privacy, making children vulnerable to psychological manipulation.

  • Teachers conduct assessments of children’s emotional and social development, a task for which they are not trained or qualified, using assessment tools unsupported by underlying research.

  • SEL assessments are included in children’s permanent school records, with uncertain privacy safeguards.

  • SEL curricula, resources, and assessments may touch on private or sensitive matters, without parental notice or consent.

  • “Mission creep” diverts resources, time, and attention away from education and encourages schools to usurp parental and familial responsibility towards the emotional development of children.


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