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Internet Safety for Children

Exploitation of children is a violation of their innocence and basic rights. Exploitation comes in many forms. Protect Student Health Georgia believes children should be free to grow up in the secure environment of loving families and communities. We will continue to educate, inform and unite people in action to protect children from those who seek to abuse, violate or use them for their own personal interests.


Beware of Apps

  • 15-Apps
    Warning plus 15 apps parents should know about

               provided by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

               (PDF) A warning for parents from the Pasco County

               Sheriff’s Office with a list of apps.

               inappropriate, suggestive ads continue to appear on

               game apps designed for children as young as 5 years old. World Privacy Forum gives advice about kid apps to help                         protect your children. This Twitter Post of comments shows some of the disgusting images from ads popping up on                       these kids apps. (Parental-viewing only recommended)


  • What is “Grooming”? (PDF)
    “Grooming” is a term meaning desensitizing and lowering the sexual inhibitions of children to make them easy targets for sexual abuse.
    Videos by Jaco Booyens, producer of 8 DAYS



  • The Child Predator Report
    According to the most reliable studies, among girls 15 and younger who become pregnant, 60% to 80% of them are impregnated by adult men. This pedophilia is being hidden from law enforcement by mandatory reporting laws being intentionally ignored by clinics providing pregnancy testing and abortion services, and these facilities often actively assist in circumventing the laws.

  • Promoting Pedophilia
    Pedophilia is an ongoing problem and many are trying to justify it.


Pornography is a real and present danger to our children. Pornography is easily accessible and can pose mental, emotional and even physical dangers. Pornography and sex trafficking have much in common. Be knowledgeable and proactive to protect your children!

               pornography has on teenagers and includes warning signs. You will want to

               take the time to review this insightful illustration.

               children in our cyber world.

               on young minds: Timeless advice for parents in our porn saturated culture.

               more children are viewing and subsequently acting out what they see on

               vulnerable children.

Have you wanted to talk to your children about pornography but weren’t sure how?

Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids is a great resource to

read to your children to start the discussion. Order through the CPL store.


The Porn Pandemic: The Devastating Effects on Children & Families


The Human Trafficking of children is undeniably one of the most reprehensible methods of exploiting a child, and the threat is ever-increasing. Protect Student Health Georgia works to alert people to this threat and provide resources to help parents protect their children.

Research indicates that children as young as 12 years of age are being recruited into the commercial sex industry. Georgia ranks 7th in human trafficking – nationwide. That statistic alone sounds the alarm for every parent to be on high alert in order to ensure their children are kept safe while at school, work or play.

Following the bulleted information below is a section of videos to watch and share. Rather than decrease, sex trafficking seems to be on the rise. Be informed and help safe guard our children!


Video Selections:

Hearing and seeing often makes the urgency of this epidemic in our society and across the globe more poignant. In addition to the videos below, there are two excellent movies concerning sex trafficking that are worth watching.

  • 8 DAYS
    As the oldest brother of a trafficking survivor, Jaco Booyens turned abolitionist and produced and directed the feature film 8 DAYS.
    Jaco Booyens Interview 8 Days Human Trafficking
    Jaco Booyens talks about his film 8 DAYS, the challenge of human sex trafficking and how the film can raise awareness.

  • Caged No More
    Inspired by real events, the movie is the story of Aggie Prejean, on a desperate search to find her two goddaughters who have been kidnapped by their sinister father. As the details unravel, it’s discovered he has taken them overseas to be sold into slavery. A drama meant to engage and educate audiences on the realities of human trafficking.

In this video Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad explains the issue of human trafficking and how to protect your children from it.


Do you know the facts about human trafficking? Who are the victims and who are the perpetrators? You will learn how human trafficking works and how prevalent it has become. Know the signs.  (4 minute video)

A Stolen Life: Adolescent Human Trafficking and Exploitation (PDF)

Stop Sex Trafficking: The Call to end 21st Century Slavery

Georgia ranks 7th in the nation in human trafficking. Unfortunately, the issues presented in this video are still relevant and sobering as Donna Hughes, PhD looks at this dangerous and harmful industry.

Sexual Exploitation


Human Trafficking

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