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Gender Identity Ideology is rampant in our government school systems. It is a belief system that children can be born in the wrong body thus children can make lifelong medical and mental decisions. In many schools, these decisions are made without knowledge of the parent or guardian.


Children are led to believe in a pseudoscientific identity that is not based on objective science. The children are groomed to body dissociation which leads to commercialism and experiments on their developing bodies. Puberty is not a disease which can be “paused” with no consequences. These children will be lifelong patients when they are subjected to puberty blockers, wrong sex hormones and surgeries to appear a different sex.


What is worse is, children and parents are forced to accept this ideology or transgenderism as infallible and unquestionable. They must write their preferred pronouns, accept males in their women’s spaces and compete against males in their women’s sports. Parents are often in the dark about clubs, SEL curricula and de facto bathroom policies.


Experts in this field are:

Stella Morabito

Dr. Miriam Grossman

The American College of Pediatricians

The civil rights law firm, Child & Parental Rights Campaign

The law firm has a free downloadable School Resource Guide that you can share with school personnel.

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